February 1, 2011

Sushirrito: Two Thumbs Up

I finally got the chance to swing by "Sushirrito," the newest place in SF to eat your favorite sushi on the go. Even though I stood in line for around 30 mins,  I was motivated and curious to see what all the hype was about.

[JRDM Photography iphone snap shots] 

Their menu is pretty basic and suitable to everyones taste buds. The price on the other hand was a bit much in my opinion for the size of the burrito but the location was simple and to the point- you order, pay, and pick up.

[JRDM Photography iphone snap shots] 

I chose to order (and share with my food critic partner, my dad) the "Smokin' Chicken", the owners favorite, and "Crispy Ebi" ( I love shrimp tempura). My favorite was the "Smokin Chicken." The mixture of warm chichen with their special sauce just make the seaweed taste so delicious for some reason.

Sushirrito is def worth the experience and tastebud journey- make sure to put that on your next "To Visit" List!


Mila Soares said...

Aaaai Ju, que idéia legal... Adoro coisas diferentes! Quero ir com vc qdo tivermos de viagem marcada!
Adorei o post!
Bjooo amiga linda!

la petite coquine said...

I've been curious about this place, and I know my sweetheart will flip for the combination of sushi and a burrito! We'll have to give it a whirl!

Lisa said...

That looks so delicious!
Thanks for your comment, to answer your question: I'm completely in love with my Canon, I actually didn't expect the photo's to be so good - and I even don't know how to handle it completely yet :) It was the most inexpensive one, so my expectations weren't that high. But it is exactly what I wanted - and the price was not too high!