February 4, 2010

Sweet Tooth

This Valentines Day, I will be in Los Angeles with some of my close friends enjoying the single life... (NOT) while indulge ourselves in cheap chocolate & wine. Deep down, what I really wanted was to be eating is a box of these exquisite Pink Champagne Truffle that I found.
"Si vou plait et Merci Beaucoup." (Please and Thank you in French)
{image via: dressdesigndecor}

Off the Runway

While browsing online though Gucci, I came across their Spring/Summer 2010 ready to wear collection which is quite classic. Their bold, fresh pieces in black, white and blue (Blazers & Stripes) feels crisp and tailored for any outdoor occasion. This is my ultimate summer wear... but of course mine will be budget friendly!
{images via: Gucci}

Rainy Days

All you really need during a rainy day is some hot chocolate sprinkled with these adorable cloud marshmallows. Stay Warm, Cheers!!
{image via: Herriott Grace}

February 1, 2010

Vivienne Westwood Inspired

It was love at first sight! Literally-

One of my good friends that just moved back to San Francisco from Brazil, exposed me to these adorable shoes! I already was familiar and owned a couple of Melissa Shoes but these were def part of their new collection

Luckily, my aunt was about to come visit from Brazil so I put in a order to bring me one =) 
Now they are are pretty much glued to my feet!