February 8, 2011


Two of my close friends (which have the same first name, Gabriela P. & Gabriela C.) and I (Far Left) celebrate our birthday's in the same month of February. We had a mini- Candy inspired photo shoot in honor of our Birthday Bash celebration which will be held at a fun little dessert/wine lounge called "CandyBar" in San Francisco.  

p.s: My birthday is Feb 9th! I still can't believe that I will be turning 24- Time is starting to catch up to me... Im excited to see what this year has to bring. Thank you GOD for all the blessings you have given me! 



GMPhotography said...


Yennie said...

I LOVE all of these photos, and adore the idea even more!

la petite coquine said...

What an adorable shoot, and happy almost birthday!

Gabriella said...

I love this!

CECELIA said...

GAH! your hair kills me. i. want. <3

Lex C. said...

aww me and my friends did a shoot like this :) i just started my photography page too.