March 11, 2011

Donations Needed!

The American Red Cross is asking for any donations ($) you might be able to give to help the victims of Japan's Earthquake/tsunami that hit earlier today. This terrible event has even brought aftershocks to the Bay Area. Santa Cruz has been hit with swells that has damaged a couple of boat harbors.  The coast guard is on close watch if any tsunami after shocks might hit our coastline.
Here are some amazing yet sad shots from the tsunami's invading parts of Japan after the 8.9 Earthquake. I felt like I was watching one of those Hollywood, "End of the world" movies- Its def breathtaking to see the force and speed of the waves and water. Everything is washed away... My prayer and heart goes out to all the victims!!

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Karen V said...

Such a thoughtful post Julianna. It is so devastating to see what happened in Japan. Makes us all realize how precious life is.